“You urged me to do some magic.”


“—I’m not all show.”

“His feathers are as precious as mine,” Labaguette says.

“Labaguette,” Birdseye says, “we’ve all made it alive, isn’t it—”

“—He’s a different breed from you,” the Captain intervenes.”

“We’re sitting on the sky of this universe,” Birdseye says.

“Suppose the Insatiable Princess isn’t floating,” the Captain says, looking at Birdseye with suspicion weighing heavily inside the bags under his eyes, “how can she be flying?”

This is when Birdseye decides to get off the ship.

“Watch!” he says, as he slowly descends into this sky, or liquid, or whatever it might be, and begins to float.

“Holy Parrots’ Saint!” Labaguette exclaims, “are you duck or peacock?”

But Birdseye paddles to the edge of the oceanic platform and launches himself off it.

“Treacherous waters!” the Captain exclaims as Birdseye is out of sight, “mermaids made him do it.”

And as he says this, Birdseye reappears in plain sight flying high, gently flapping his arms, flying, enjoying this moment in case it never came back.

“Fuck!” the Captain says before the King descends into these waters and floats, paddles before nearing the edge of the platform.

“You’ve no feathers!” Birdseye warns, hovering above the King.

“You’re using your arms, not your wings,” the King retorts, before smiling back at all and letting himself off the edge.

Quickly, not unlike a superhero or a bug, Birdseye swoops and catches the King, carrying him painstakingly back to the ship, letting him drop onto the ship’s planks like a dead weight.

To be continued…


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