When the King gets up again, all look at him in astonishment: his tiny crown is now a wide brim golden hat bearing colourful lozenges and its tip jingles with a golden bell.  In his left hand is a gold staff with three more golden bells topping it up and he is wearing a shiny and colourful body tight suit.  He is wearing slippers made of glitter that curl up at the toes.

“My, My!” Labaguette exclaims, “from King to—”

“—Tis’ nice,” the King remarks, “She Coat will be jealous.  I’ve never had something to suit my rank.”

“Your rank?”

“It is a perfect fit,” the Captain interrupts looking at Labaguette with one eyebrow raised, “fit for a King of your standing.”

“You should try it Captain.  Your old jackets smells of—”

“—Non, non, non Capitaine!” Labaguette says, “I beg you not to exchange your jacket for—”

“—I’ve no intention to rid of it,” the Captain maintains, “You’re pooping on it has added much needed padding to my shoulders Labaguette and, besides, it’s been with me since the beginning of times.”

“I wonder,” the King says, “have I been made the new leader of this platform?”

“What’s there to lead?” Labaguette asks.

“Let’s give this place more time,” the Captain says, “we need to explore it.  What has your wisdom got to say Birdseye?  Any danger we need to be aware of?”

“I see nothing, I feel nothing.”

“That’s it settled then.”

“I mean I see nothing, I feel nothing.”

“I heard you.”



“Disabled.  I cannot see and I cannot feel.”

“For how long?”

“This place.”

“We’d better go then.”

“Wimp!” Labaguette says.

To be continued…


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