Influenced and stimulated by what they see, the next lot slide over the surface until they reach the platform’s edge at high speed and are projected far ahead before taking a slant and falling, falling, down, down, down into darkness.

Those that are left appear more resistant and are able to command a nesting place.  They settle on the surface and begin a process where buzzing, gurgling and lighting take place simultaneously until black pigments are lost and translucence and transparency are achieved.  Then, one by one, little by little, small individual bubbles pop up before being formed and born into round spheres, one in each box.

“Tis’ a miracle !” Labaguette exclaims.

“Science in the making,” Umbilicorberto confirms, looking at them with a long view.

“They know,” Birdseye says.

“Precisely, they know what you don’t,” the Captain remarks, looking at Birdseye, “we’d better be prepared, the boxes are of no use.  I suspect foul play.  Look at them!  Their newly found creativity is giving birth to hybrids.  We’d be better be on our way.”

“To where?” Labaguette enquires.

“We’ve within the confines of the original state!” Umbilicorberto remarks, climbing down from his observatory and then dancing on the deck with the three monkeys following him in his rhythmic footsteps, imitating him.

“There’s yet new life in this desolate area!” he continues.

“King U,” the Captain says, “you’ve seen this before?”

“It’s in your books, Captain.  The intrinsic generation of new organic matter that is born out of the never never.  The origins’ origins.”

“Tis’ a rien de rien,” Labaguette mutters, “nothing more and nothing less than a never never.”

To be continued…


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