Inside the boxes, each bubble grows larger, some with colours of blue, green and ochre, others with features, shapes and colours never seen before.  All have one thing in common: they are inside the original wombs of creation: they are the energised and energising future planets, stars and universes, all in gestation.

Once nurtured and pampered, they will burst out of their square wombs.

“This could get messy,” the Captain remarks, “we’d—”

“—C’mon Captain,” Labaguette says, “it looks like we could select and have a planet with the exact dimensions and intended precisely for us: one with a single ocean to roam and discover.”

“Where lies the interest in that?”

“A life spent roaming for eternity as the unconquered and unconquerable pirates of an entire ocean, planet and with Rum aplenty.”

“Pirates without combats?  Have you completely lost it?”

“I’ve roamed enough.  I deserve a rest.”

“You’re half my age, you’ve at least another three quarters to go and you wanna retire?  You’re yet to accomplish your lifelong and ultimate goal, Labaguette: will the hero within remain where it lays?”

“Tis’ self-made and it’s enough.”

“You sure haven’t made it yet.”

“There is wisdom in isolation,” King U remarks.

“We’d better make a move,” Birdseye interferes.

“What took you so long?” the Captain asks.

“Multiplication.  It’s their gift.”

“We can all see that.”

Then, a small black world bursts out of its box, as if its purpose and intent have misfired and out of it, a multiplicity of tiny black boxes come out, each in turn producing miniature size worlds that pop out, fly in all directions, threatening to infiltrate the Insatiable Princes and its residents through orifices of all kinds.

To be continued…


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