“Cover ears, nose and mouth!” Birdseye says.

“Magic!” Labaguette exclaims in wonder as one miniature world enters the parrot’s mouth and throat, disappearing and bouncing within the confines of his entrails.

“Finally something to shut your gob!” the Captain says, laughing.

“I could be dead.”

“Are you still talking?”

“I’m going to die.”

“One who swallows a whole world understands.”

“Understand what?” the King asks, “it’s all about living in the instantaneous.”

“We must be off,” Birdseye insists, gesturing to the Monkeys to bring the sails down.

“Knowledge is death,” Labaguette says, “I feel faint.”

“Salman Rösti once said that the possibility for creatures to swallow entire worlds exists, that it is real and that it brings understanding,” the Captain retorts.


“Off to your perching post!” the Captain says.

“Rush-dee,” Birdseye corrects.

“Don’t worry Labaguette, the world you swallowed is contained and its growth thwarted because it can’t activate its growth genesis,” the King explains as Labaguette teeters and flops to the floor.

“Let us rise,” the Captain says, picking up Labaguette and looking at him from all angles, “let the Insatiable Princess rise again.”

“ALL ABOARD!” Birdseye orders, a pirate in the making not noticing that none of the passengers and crew are off the ship.  Then, two tiny black worlds enter his nostrils and in no time he too flops onto the planks of the Insatiable Princess, unconscious.

“Shit!” the Captain says as the Monkeys give up their posts and rush to his aid.

“It’s time for a dance,” the King says.

“What?  You too?”

Then the King begins to dance in earnest, shaking his staff, jingling all of his bells as the sound of unseen tambourines reaching the Captain’s ears.

To be continued…


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