The King-Clown’s heart glows, a tempest of glory raging inside it.  The victory is his.  So too are these new territories: his wand radiates, emanating light.  Then, remaining undetected, a small turtle shaped clouds float leisurely not far above and expands sluggishly.

As the King dances, he begins to sweat profusely and his lips grimace before contorting and extending unnaturally onto each side of his face, an intended grin of sorts until finally, the turtle cloud opens.  At that point, it launches lightning bolts, one by one, two by two until it climaxes into groups of copious bolts.  Soon, one bolt strikes the King-Clown’s wand, splitting it in two, thus beheading the bells in one strike, thundering promptly, adding a previously unimaginable dimension to the empty skies.

“WHO COMES NEAR?” a deep and invisible voice bellows.

“WHO COMES HERE?” King U retorts a similar tone, perusing his surroundings for the voice’s source until, blaring in his face a ginormous King of another kind appears out of the turtle-cloud, generating storms, cyclones and tsunamis with one swipe of his hand on the surface of the thin oceanic platform, disrupting any peace and stability this universe’s boasted scarcely a few seconds ago.  Clapping his hands provokes the storms already in place even more.

“Can’t you see?  They’re all asleep,” King U says.

“You stand.”

“What do you want from me?”


“I have done no harm.”

“This is MY Kingdom!”

“Why not greet us pacifically earlier and make your presence known?”

“You happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“It needn’t have come to this.”

To be continued…


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