“Shut up and dance some more!”

“Who are you to speak of good, evil and trespassing?”

“I am the King of all things.  This is my Kingdom. They belong to me.  You belong to me.  Worlds belong to me.  Universes belong to me.  You’ve released deadly sins into the air.”

“Beg your pardon you… King who?”

“King-of-here and King-of-now.”

“I too was a King.  I had a real name, I—”

“—You’ve no crown, You dance and you behave like a mad creature.  I must say, it is entertaining.  No king acts like you do.”

“My words are kingly.”

“You have said nothing of substance and you dance like any fool would.”

“My crown is large and wise.  It is precious and shines of a thousand fires.”

“I see no crown crowning you.”

“It is self-contained.  It is within.  It shines all of its own, with all its might, can’t you see?”

“Sure.  Look, I don’t know where you come from.  I don’t know what you want and I don’t care, but sure as I am long lived and as I live long, you’re no king.”

“I am not your prisoner.”

“I need entertained for I am lonely.”

“I too was once lonely on my planet.  They,” King U says pointing at the unconscious crew lining the Insatiable Princess’ planks, “are entertaining and as I lost my world, I care not to find it again.”

“You’re odd.  Dance for me!”

“Look what your worlds have done.  Look at them.  Are they sleeping or are they dead?”


“Fix them first, wake them up!”


“They’re not dead?”


“King or fuckwit, I beg you, tell me if these copses are creatures or dust.”

To be continued…


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