“They shall remain corpses until such time as you’ve danced some more.”

“Is your word binding?”

“I am a King, I am bound by my word.  Creatures will remain corpses unless you dance.”


“—Well then, you shall never know.”

There’s a fool, once a jolly King of a Kind, lonely, lonesome, jiggling, juggling, dancing for no reason at all except that he is a fool and a fool dances for Kings who demand it.  One to the left, one to the right as the bell jingles, though this is no Mambo dance.  Once more, his body contorts to demonstrate skills he doesn’t know has, like there is no tomorrow because tomorrow may not be had but most of all, because he has no choice.

“Faster!” the Out-of-Nowhere-King commands as the frantic and frenetic pace increases until what looks like an eternity elapses and King U, now a mechanic Doll-King of a kind settles onto the grounds, legs crossed, closing his eyes and all that remains from the dance is his hand on his wand, knocking the grounds at rhythmic intervals.

“You’ve trespassed the boundaries of all universes known to those who venture on the outer realm, on the outside of all things.  Explorers are good, explorers are wild, explorers are crazy BUT, explorers are deadly.  Not even the Syck Monkey dares venture on the outer edges of the outer realms of outer universes and beyond’s beyond time.  He who shall trespass, shall trespass good and forever and ever and ever.  I have grown tired of this mascarade.  I find no more interest in watching you.”

To be continued…


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