“The Syck Monkey?  You know about it? I have done as you asked, you owe me.”

“I shall wake them, one by one, but first you must promise that—”

“—I’ve danced for you, isn’t that enough?”

“You did well, excellently well.”

“Wake them or—”


Now King’s U frustrations and despair bring him to the edge of a ship, to the edge of a platform and to the brink of a time.

“What are you doing?  Where are you going?”

“I am going where my steps take, straight ahead.  There may not be a tomorrow but I don’t mind.”

“All right, all right, all right. I shall wake them, if it’s not too late.”

“Can you reverse it or can you not?”

“Ingesting one world is one thing.  Ingesting several of them is another.”

“Well what then?”

“It is a delicate operation.  One world remains smooth and round and, usually, isn’t threatened by one’s digestive juices and acidic environment.”


“But several worlds often interlock, clash and burst within.”

“Can my friends explode?  Surely, the bigger worlds will ingest the smaller ones until only one remains?”

“Small and invisible worlds are strong self-sufficient, well-defended and always ready to attack.  They are inherently extremely dangerous.  They can fight from the inside out after ingestion by a bigger world, and turn into a virus, a pest, a single mini-cell i that is all but a determined loose cannon ball whose effects no one can quite anticipate nor predict.”

“Enough talking.  What are you waiting for?”

To be continued…


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