“Once one world is disintegrated, then only the process of disintegration of another can begin.  It’s called a chain reaction.”

“Any side effects?”


“What changes?”

“Told you.  It’s unpredictable.”

“Minimise the danger, will you?”

“Remember: you may be a foolish King but this King here standing before you will not be fooled.”

Then, the King-of-all-things lifts his fist into the small cloud hovering above his head before the cloud opens up and lightning bolt strikes it back.  The fist opens wide and releases, in turn, a blinding lights out of the tips of each finger onto each slumped body and creature atop the Insatiable Princess’ wooden planks.

“Looks good,” King U says, “looks good.  Very good.  Suspiciously good.”

“You were warned.”

First to arise from its slumber is Labaguette.

“That was predictable.”

“What was?” Labaguette inquires, dusting his feathers.

“This bird is of insignificance.  The others matter more.”

“Quoi?  Quoi?  Quoi?  Moi?  Insignifiant?”

“Besides, he talks too much and no matter what he says, there’s no meaning, no depth.”

“SILENCE!” the King of all things yells, “SILENCE!”

“In the depths of the universe,” Labaguette insists, “no one can hear you scream.”

“What did I tell you?” King U reiterates, shaking his head from side to side.

“This is not time to sleep,” Labaguette continues, “look at them all lazy, undignified bastards.”

“They are your Captain, your Bird-Commander and three monkeys-peers.”

“Bird-Commander?  Size doesn’t matter, looks do.”

“Put him back to sleep!” King-U urges the King-of-all-things.

In no time, lightning strikes Labaguette, disempowers the damn bird and entraps him in the cloud above the King of all things.

“Now wake the Captain, Birdseye and the monkeys, in that order.”

To be continued…


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