“Don’t give us doom Birdseye!” the Captain interrupts, “this isn’t the time.  If you wish to say something, say something nice or I’ll see you in hell.  The shuttle is five minutes from landing.  It brings news from Earth.”

“It’s a ploy, it’s a distraction.  It’s a war device.  We must either disappear or that thing to be made to disappear,” King U says, “free me from these ropes, I must be able to escape.  I could float you said?”

“It’s a space vehicle,” Labaguette says with some pride, “from our planet.”

“How can you tell?” King U asks.

“Aside the three Monkeys behaving strangely, you do know that I know what I know through knowing what I need to know.  This is who I am,” the Captain answers.

“He is correct,” Birdseye adds.

“You’re no different than before,” King U affirms.

“I swallowed a multitude of worlds.  I am changed in many ways though I have yet to become acquainted with this aspect.”

“There is no such thing as salvation at this end of the Universe and beyond,” the King-of-all Things maintains, “from now on, I shall rule beyond what is contained and limiting.  From now on, you may call me: “The King-of-all-things-and-beyond.”

“A new self-allocated title, huh?”

“A new protocol.  Nothing more, and nothing less.”

“And I am no fool,” King U says, “one needs a Court, or at least two of kind to crown and entitle.”

“And you shall be my fool for as long as it lasts.”

“Lasts?  What should last?”

“This Kingdom, you and I—”

“—You can’t keep me here, I shall—”

To be continued…


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