Meanwhile, on the deck of the Insatiable Princess, all scramble to safety, the Captain attempting to regain gravity but finding none, he remains tied securely as the only safe option.  Birdeye is desperately holding on to his goggles and Labaguette, flying alongside the Insatiable Princess at speeds never experienced before, enjoying it and screaming:

“STAY!  STOP! SIT!” You don’t have to let these ropes pull you anywhere you don’t want to go, you’re the Master of your own fate!  STOOOOP!”

“A perfect control freak himself,” the Captain muses, “that bird will never learn.”

The ship gains in speed and they traverse time zones of consequential misproportions, including timelessness, horizons of greens, stars of fire and stones, planets of streaks and polka dots, unexplored and unattended space vacuums, except for the present crew and ship, rushing past, not intending to be there but being there all the same, their lives and their ship spinning out of control into worlds of unfathomable space oddities.

There comes a time and a space when the crew sees nothing, hears nothing and the Insatiable Princess, after rushing with such haste that it almost disintegrated, finally begins to float within the confines of a space that is so dark and so dense that Captain Traumatic, Birdseye and Labaguette fall into a trance and, as they continue breathing as if caught in a slow motion dream, gradually regaining gravity before falling like thick wood onto the ships’ planks.

They cannot feel the ropes patting their limbs, grabbing them and pulling them inside the hull, blindfolding them.  When they wake up again, they are unable to remove the tight white scarves neatly bound over their eyes.

To be continued…



“You’re a fluke!  You’ve taken over the Syck Monkey’s job!” Labaguette exclaims.

“He collects for himself.  It’s his world, his Alibaba cavern.  I collect for everyone, for the greater good of all.  My world is made of lists, receipts and items in exchange for more.”

“Yeah right!” the Captain says as the Insatiable Princess shudders and the ropes unfold some more out of the deck before straightening towards the disappeared shuttle, but no one takes notice.

“We work together.”

“Why would the Syck Monkey steal from you?”



“A falling egg.  A fortunate mismatch over place and timing.  One precious egg.  Caught it falling from Syck Monkey’s cavern though I did not know this at the time.”

“We’re out of here,” the Captain says, “we don’t need to get involved.”

Upon those words, the King-of-all-Things, who is not one to chew his words for too long, points to the platform and a tsunami approaches fast, with a few tornadoes following at a short distance behind.

“All right, all right, all right!” Captain Traumatic concedes, his pupils darker than they’ve ever been.

“This won’t do, Captain!” Birdseye exclaims.

At that exact moment, the ropes straightened to such an extent that solidify, to the exception of one, pulling the Insatiable Princess with them, towards the disappeared Monkeys and shuttle.

Then, the loose rope slaps King U off balance, and he falls onto the platform below.

In no time, the Insatiable Princess and its remaining crew are out of sight.

“Synchronicity, again!” the King-of-all-Things says, pulling a fishing rod out of his cloud, throwing towards King U before hanging it in the air, pondering this fateful catch.

To be continued…


“I shall lead you all and my Princess to the Syck Monkey, right here, right now.”

“Not so fast,” the King-of-All-Things says, “I extended my courtesy to having you parked here on this placid oceanic platform.  You have become aware of my existence and this will not do.”

“We must go,” the Captain reiterate, “I’ve no time for fools.”

“Give me your fool and you will be free to go.”

“He is free and isn’t for sale.”

“You’ll be allowed to negotiate with the Syck Monkey if you leave him here.”

“Negotiate what?”

“One of the Three Monkeys in exchange for your King.”

“You’re friend with the Syck Monkey.  There’s no need for negotiations.  What’s your agenda?”

“He stole something from me some time ago.  I need to retrieve it.”

“What did he steal?”

“A truth.”

“What truth?”

“A flag.”


“It warns anyone, any traveller passing by caught catching an over-extended glimpse of this platform’s horizon that they may be caught in a permanent and infinity time loop.”

“And that you won’t help them?”

“And that all that belongs to them will be extracted from them and retained here for accountancy and accounting purposes, including their lives.”


“This is the end of all things and beyond.  All that is lost here and beyond becomes lost forever, irretrievable, unfathomable, elusive, real and unreal all at the same time.  I help all those who seek the lost forever & beyond when they do, at any cost, even their lives, if they can and if they insist.  I hold a list of all that belonged to them and that could not transgress the laws of this last frontier.  It’s in your interest: I can stop all you from leaving.”

To be continued…


“—What the heckety-fuck?” the Captain wonders as the approaching shuttle hovers a few meters above the Insatiable Princes with three white, large elastic ropes tightly wrapped around it and a large white Monkey with gold speckled fur standing on the tip of it.  This Monkey’s stature is impressive and if he weren’t so calm, you could swear you could hear him talk and give orders.  And on one such mute signal, three smaller monkeys with golden antennae swing about and settle on his shoulders before being launched into the skies, helped by the elasticity of the ropes, pulling the shuttle with them at high speed, the four of them disappearing into the darkness and beyond, as if propelled by a giant slingshot.

“The shuttle wasn’t falling!” the Captain affirms, “unless the legend has it wrong.”

“Legends can never be altered,” the King-of-all-Things remarks, “there’s catching and catching: if you’re not catching it falling, you retrieve it before falls.”

“We must follow them,” the Captain says, “all aboard, to your posts!”

“They’re gone,” King U. remarks, “there’s no trace of them.  We can’t—”

As he speaks, the insides of the Insatiable Princess reveal themselves slowly by lurking out of the deck’s exits, white, luminescent ropes smelling, sensing and assessing the air and their circumstances.

“—The ropes will follow their makers and masters,” Birdseye says, his dark goggles looking darker than usual.

Captain Traumatic descends on the deck, firmly tied to his ship before catching one of the white, Monkey made ropes and securing himself with it.

“Why?” Labaguette asks.

“For security, safety and speed.”


To be continued…