“I shall lead you all and my Princess to the Syck Monkey, right here, right now.”

“Not so fast,” the King-of-All-Things says, “I extended my courtesy to having you parked here on this placid oceanic platform.  You have become aware of my existence and this will not do.”

“We must go,” the Captain reiterate, “I’ve no time for fools.”

“Give me your fool and you will be free to go.”

“He is free and isn’t for sale.”

“You’ll be allowed to negotiate with the Syck Monkey if you leave him here.”

“Negotiate what?”

“One of the Three Monkeys in exchange for your King.”

“You’re friend with the Syck Monkey.  There’s no need for negotiations.  What’s your agenda?”

“He stole something from me some time ago.  I need to retrieve it.”

“What did he steal?”

“A truth.”

“What truth?”

“A flag.”


“It warns anyone, any traveller passing by caught catching an over-extended glimpse of this platform’s horizon that they may be caught in a permanent and infinity time loop.”

“And that you won’t help them?”

“And that all that belongs to them will be extracted from them and retained here for accountancy and accounting purposes, including their lives.”


“This is the end of all things and beyond.  All that is lost here and beyond becomes lost forever, irretrievable, unfathomable, elusive, real and unreal all at the same time.  I help all those who seek the lost forever & beyond when they do, at any cost, even their lives, if they can and if they insist.  I hold a list of all that belonged to them and that could not transgress the laws of this last frontier.  It’s in your interest: I can stop all you from leaving.”

To be continued…


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