Meanwhile, on the deck of the Insatiable Princess, all scramble to safety, the Captain attempting to regain gravity but finding none, he remains tied securely as the only safe option.  Birdeye is desperately holding on to his goggles and Labaguette, flying alongside the Insatiable Princess at speeds never experienced before, enjoying it and screaming:

“STAY!  STOP! SIT!” You don’t have to let these ropes pull you anywhere you don’t want to go, you’re the Master of your own fate!  STOOOOP!”

“A perfect control freak himself,” the Captain muses, “that bird will never learn.”

The ship gains in speed and they traverse time zones of consequential misproportions, including timelessness, horizons of greens, stars of fire and stones, planets of streaks and polka dots, unexplored and unattended space vacuums, except for the present crew and ship, rushing past, not intending to be there but being there all the same, their lives and their ship spinning out of control into worlds of unfathomable space oddities.

There comes a time and a space when the crew sees nothing, hears nothing and the Insatiable Princess, after rushing with such haste that it almost disintegrated, finally begins to float within the confines of a space that is so dark and so dense that Captain Traumatic, Birdseye and Labaguette fall into a trance and, as they continue breathing as if caught in a slow motion dream, gradually regaining gravity before falling like thick wood onto the ships’ planks.

They cannot feel the ropes patting their limbs, grabbing them and pulling them inside the hull, blindfolding them.  When they wake up again, they are unable to remove the tight white scarves neatly bound over their eyes.

To be continued…


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