THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 22)

“But Son,” the General answers, now speaking at the top of his voice, unaware all can hear him, “I’m not accusing you of anything; I’m merely asking you a question.  Honestly, this isn’t the first time you commit such a careless act with some she being you met for barely two seconds, and it isn’t the first time either that you dare experimenting with interbreeding.  All right, I acknowledge that for once, you successfully bred an almost perfect type of spiders, were it not so unusually ugly and did it not come from such a decadent mother.  Look at them!  Soon, they’ll behave just like she did and I dare not imagine what it’ll do to the subsequent species.  Mind you, there’s no doubt we could use them if you think about it.  Now, did you or did you not father these children?”

“So now they could be useful, could they?” his son asks impudently, “what exactly do you think we can use them for?”

“They’re yours, aren’t they?” the General asks, victorious.

“I didn’t admit to anything.  Answer my question, Father.”

“Spiders with wings…  I’ve never seen it before, well done, Son!” the General adds, now a dealer of some sorts.

“What shall I do with the mother?” his son asks, pride having the better of him.

The General points at Redbeet and says: “you have her confirm that you are the father in front of us all and then I shall advise.”

“Why the need to make it public like this, Father?  This is exceedingly humiliating.”

The General’s bulging eyes appear as if they’re going to pop out of his head, such is his anger.  To his son, the message is clear enough.

To be continued…