THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 25)

But as in all matters that deal with fate, timing is of the essence.  Already many lie injured on the ground, gasping for air, unable to ask for truce or beg for mercy.  To make matters worse, the dust thickens, darkens and it seems an unequal war of wills is being fought.  There are voices louder than all those who fight that seem to overtake their own.  These are unusual voices.  It is like the thunder of a thousand storms.  These are human voices.

It has become impossible to see past one’s feet, the clamour is so loud that the battling insects can no longer hear their opponent or themselves.  So it goes that through the dust, yelling and scuffles, darkness abruptly descends over them.  It is sudden, unexpected and feels like the end of the world is near.  The battle stops.  Darkness has invaded far too abruptly, even as far as a spider or a beetle is concerned, although it hasn’t caught up with all of them: there are some who, left outside the ‘quick-to-fall-night’, witness the events without much understanding and, fearing they might incur a similar fate, dart deep into the jungle, running for their lives, never to come back.  Only when they stop running, do they begin to think about what happened.  This is what they saw:

Gigantic bipedal creatures, standing like giants above them and whom they could only presume to be what they identify as “Man” because most insects in this part of the jungle have never actually seen Man, only heard enough about the tall creature to recognize it once it is seen.  They’d observed and noted, in the split second it took them to register what was happening, that the giants threw equally giant boxes onto the ground, exactly where some of the now missing family members, friends and enemy had been gathered in feudal warfare of their own kind.

To be continued…